Helpful Information Regarding Funeral and Cremation in Hudson, FL

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Hudson, FL Funeral Home And CremationsFacing the death of a loved one brings with it the need to make final arrangements for them. Like a funeral and cremation in Hudson, FL, these services can be as large or small as you wish. Making these plans can be helped by knowing a bit more about these services so you can decide what will best serve your needs. 

Funeral services are familiar to most of us in one format or another. One of the primary purposes of a funeral is to honor a person who has died and lay them to rest. However, there are some helpful reasons to hold a funeral, particularly as it impacts those who are deeply grieving the loss. Experts on the subject of grief widely agree that the closure and support a funeral service affords can significantly assist those in mourning. 

By definition, a funeral includes the presence of the deceased remains at the service. Due to this, funerals are generally scheduled in close succession to the death date. If embalming is performed to clean and temporarily preserve the remains, this window of time could be extended slightly. Embalming is not mandated by law, and it would be illegal for a funeral home to tell you that it is. If a public viewing is held, your funeral home may require this service, though. 

There are many ways that a funeral could be customized and adapted to fit individual needs and circumstances. Finding the means to help you and your family to say this difficult goodbye and embark on a path that leads to healing is the goal of a service like this. Events can be planned for any religious affiliation (or none), as more of a life celebration, or with traditional or non-traditional components. 

When it comes to cremation, a process that uses high heat to induce flames to reduce the deceased’s remains, there are also ways to customize this experience. In many facilities, the family can watch from a viewing window as the cremation chamber is loaded at the start of the procedure. Excepting some of the bones, the tissues of the body will be vaporized in incineration. The fragments of bone are collected after cooling and made to be a uniform texture. We call the ground bone fragments ‘ashes’ or ‘cremated remains.’

Be certain to ask about the security protocols that are employed to protect the identity of your deceased’s remains at each step of the cremation process. This can offer peace of mind and assurance that you will indeed be given back the ashes of the person you expect. On that note, cremations are only performed for one person in the chamber at a time. To do otherwise would be against the law and best practices. 

How to Layer the Services of a Funeral and Cremation in Hudson, FL 

If you find the aspects of a full or partial funeral to be attractive but feel disinclined to have the remains buried in a casket, there is a way to combine both a funeral and cremation in Hudson, FL. The funeral, including a viewing, can be held first. Then, the body may be embalmed and presented in a sanitary, rented casket. Finally, after all of the funerary services are brought to a close, the cremation will take place. After that, the family can decide where to make a place of a permanent memorial to honor the memory of the deceased.

The Final Resting Place

Many people find cremation appealing because the final resting place could potentially look different than in a cemetery. Of course, cremated remains can absolutely be buried in an urn plot or placed in a cremation niche in a columbarium wall at a cemetery if you wish. However, some families decide to keep the ashes close to them at home. A displayable urn can be a wonderful way to do this. With applicable permissions and permits, others scatter the ashes in a natural setting that fits the circumstances. 

For those who are seeking burial for intact remains, there are also a few solutions that may be available to you. Many memorial parks and cemeteries offer above-ground entombment options such as those found in a private or communal mausoleum or funerary crypt. For the environmentally conscious, natural or ‘green’ burial sites are also becoming increasingly available. It is important to learn about the rules and regulations surrounding the burial ground you are considering to be sure it will work well for your situation and match your desires.

Make Arrangements Over the Phone or Online

If you are ready to begin making arrangements for funeral and cremation in Hudson, FL, look no further than the expert services and complete death care facilities at Prevatt Funeral Home & Cremation Service. You can begin making the arrangements through our website or by calling (727) 863-3700 for assistance. In addition, our establishment can be toured by appointment at 7709 State Road 52, Hudson, FL 34667.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. What exactly does a funeral director do?
    • Funeral directors, also known as undertakers and morticians, arrange the details and handle the funeral process from start to finish. They talk with the family and prepare the funeral or cremation considering the wishes of the deceased. Funeral directors help pre-plan a personal, lasting tribute for the deceased and carefully guide the family through the many decisions that must be made during this difficult time.
  2. What support is available to someone who is grieving?
    • In addition to the bereavement services for the families, many funeral homes offer many resources for grief support. There are many groups and websites that offer discussion boards, articles, book suggestions, and advice for men and women working through every aspect of grief.
  3. Do all veterans get military funerals?
    • Almost all veterans can receive military funeral honors at no cost provided they are eligible and not dishonorably discharged. They are also entitled to free memorial items such as markers, headstones, a burial flag, and medallions. Learn more about veterans’ services.