What to Know in Regards to Funeral and Cremation in Shady Hills, FL

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Shady Hills, FL Funeral Home And CremationsEven though making funeral plans for a loved one comes with myriad emotions, it can be done in a way that can help to bring a measure of comfort to those who are mourning the loss. Understanding your different options when it comes to services such as a funeral and cremation in Shady Hills, FL, can help you and your family design the most fitting farewell. 

Funeral services may be full-scale traditional affairs or small and intimate with only a brief ceremony. Counselors and professionals who support grief-stricken individuals and families agree that having some style of honoring service can be quite helpful. It provides a way to aid the bereaved by offering closure and a path to acceptance of this new reality. 

A funeral ceremony is different from a memorial-style service in that the body of the deceased lies in repose at the service. Because of this necessity, funerals are usually held as soon as possible after a person has died. However, if more time is needed to plan the services or gather loved ones, a memorial service is a good alternative. 

A full funeral service will include a funeral wake where people can come and express their condolences to the family and close friends of the departed individual. This opportunity to pay your final respects and “say goodbye” can be cathartic and helpful to the grieving process. The casket may be open or closed for these events. If the body is on public display, embalming the body will usually be necessary. 

Cremation is an option to care for the deceased remains that results in a permanent change to the form of the body. The deceased’s remains are incinerated in a closed chamber at scorching temperatures. The high heat and flames result in the vaporization of most of the body tissues. All that will be left visibly are the remnants of the bones. These fragments will be respectfully gathered and further processed in a granular format. The ashes are the result.

Cremations are offered as a direct or stand-alone service option if no other services will be planned for this individual. They can be combined with other honoring ceremonies if that is wanted. Only one person’s remains at a time will be in the cremation chamber for the process. This is in accordance with ethical practices and applicable law. 

The processing and handling of cremation ought to be done in a transparent and careful manner to reduce the possibility of human error. Therefore, ask for more information about the facility that will handle the cremation to get clarity about their practices in this regard. 

Customizing Funeral and Cremation in Shady Hills, FL by Combining Services

You can design customized services for a combined funeral and cremation in Shady Hills, FL, with the funerary experts at Prevatt Funeral Home & Cremation Service. If you want to have the benefits of both, you can have these services packaged together. The funeral will need to be held first. It may include the option of viewing the embalmed body before the actual funeral service. Caskets are available to rent for situations such as these. After the funeral services draw to a close, the body will be transferred to the crematory for cremation processing. 

Choosing a Place of Rest

A benefit of cremation is that there are a wider variety of final placement options than just burial. Of course, burying cremated remains is a good option! Sometimes scattering the ashen remains in a much loved outdoor setting is the perfect way to return your loved one to the earth. It is essential to understand what permissions or permits might be necessary to obtain before a scattering service to have a smooth experience. Keeping the remains close at home in an urn is another viable solution for remains that have been cremated.

Burial of the body in a casket or shroud is a well-known and standard format for the final disposition of deceased remains. Burial sites such as a cemetery or memorial park are set aside for this purpose. For those who are looking for as natural a burial as possible, look for a green-certified burial ground. These sites generally have extensive rules and regulations for burial to be allowed. These may include stipulations such as no embalmed bodies, no synthetic casketing materials, and no burial vaults. 

Arrangements Online or Over the Phone

To make the arrangements you require for death care services like a funeral and cremation in Shady Hills, FL, you will want to work with experienced professionals. The industry experts at Prevatt Funeral Home & Cremation Service are more than ready to assist you in this time of need. Make arrangements online or via phone by calling (727) 863-3700. Our facilities are accessibly located at 7709 State Road 52, Hudson, FL 34667.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. What makes a good funeral home?
    • The best funeral home employs caring and compassionate staff, excellent customer service, and authentic sincerity towards the family they serve. The staff will treat you well and with consummate professionalism.
  2. What is the difference between cremation and direct cremation?
    • The main difference between traditional and direct cremation is the timeline between death and cremation. With traditional cremation, the body will be prepared for visitation and funeral service before cremation while in direct cremation, the body is cremated right away after death without preparing or embalming. Learn more about cremation services.
  3. What is done at a graveside service?
    • Graveside services are usually only a few minutes long. The funeral officiant will most likely conduct prayers or readings, and the body will be lowered into the ground or put in the crypt. It is usual in many cultures for guests to assist in the burial process by shoveling dirt into the grave. Know more about your burial options.