Kenneth W Berube

Kennthe Berube passed away on August 1, 2019. He is survived by his son Leonard and three grandchildren. He also leaves behind two brothers Ray & Tommy along with two sisters Dolores Koob & Gail Berube.


Tom Berube: I miss the times we played music together at Echo lake also hanging out listening to music and playing sports together.

Ray Berube:   I played guitar in  several bands and a few with Kenny on drums. And have to admit that his timing was right on cue and had some nice fills. But couldn’t be on time for the life of him. Both he and I played on the Watertown high school soccer team for two years. He once kicked the ball from half field and scored a goal which amazed the whole team. The last time I saw him he was overseeing my sister up until she died in May. Now my father has company with Kenny and Joyce catching up on old times.

Gail Berube: Ken was a great brother and friend to me. He tough me how to be humble and not to stress over the little things. He was a man of strength and a soft heart. He would do anything to help someone out even a stranger.

Dee Koob: I didn’t see Ken often but I do remember him always smiling. Never complaining and always up for anything.  That attitude I will miss.

Leonard Berube: We didn't really see each other a lot but we would talk on the phone all the time and we would talk for a while mostly about golfing, that's what I will miss the most just being able to pick up the phone and he would be on the other line. He was one of the best persons i have ever been around and even a better Father. I love you!!